The January Edit

The January Edit

I don't usually buy clothes in December, the reason being that my spare cash is spent on Christmas presents, and in addition, I really find it quite pointless to buy something which in mere days is likely to be half the price I paid. I try not to go doolally in the sales, either; I have already bought and returned a fair few sale items because, especially around this time of year, everything is so cheap, the old sale blindness affliction rears its head and before I know it, I've bought some silver trousers (which I have, but they are already being returned in my mind.)

However, I have managed to pick up a few items that I'm really pleased with and which make January (aka the longest month ever) slightly more bearable. The first place that I hit up at sale time was good old M&S. Remember that Archive by Alexa collection I wrote about here? Well, despite picking up the Kirkgate mini (I had some vouchers) and being bought the Templar coat for my birthday (I love it) I steered clear of the rest of the collection. The other pieces that I wanted - the Portland dress, Aire shirt (the tinfoil shirt) and the Albion shirt, as I predicted, went into the sale, along with most of the rest of the collection. My local branch had such stock of these that I waited until the second markdown to buy - however, the Albion shirt is still available online at £11.99 here and likewise the Aire shirt at £12.99 here. I wasn't quick enough for the Elland shirt or the Vicar dress, however, but I'm pleased with what I managed to get!

Finery is another place I look to for sale bargains. I bought the Dereham blouse on the 80% off markdown, along with two other items that I have since returned as they were both miles too big. That's the problem with online shopping, the sizes are never as straightforward as you might hope. At 60% off, this Stenham Forever tunic was also a good buy and I love the sailor styling. 

Topshop Boutique, another brand favourite, were a little lacking in the sale department this season. I felt that on the whole, this collection was really very poor; odd cuts, questionable colours and strange fabrics. There was no stand out style for me, disappointing as their jumpsuits are something I buy consistently. This season they all had either cut out shoulders or godawful cowl necks - very literal 80s referencing which I just can't make translate into the everyday. I settled for a patched striped jumper - unlike anything else I have - so a useful purchase for work or casual wear. Topshop also came through with denim, after a couple of seasons of buying from ASOS or vintage exclusively, I really liked a straight cut, charcoal grey pair, as well as a pair of cropped flares which look fab with boots. A good replacement for the Dree style which I wore to death over the summer of 2015 but which were looking a bit tired.

What have you bought in the sales?

XO Amie
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