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Birkenstocks were such an error in fashion judgement for me on the one hand (I found them to be incredibly uncomfortable) but looking back at these pics I do have to admit I like how they look! Particularly with the other stalwarts of my wardrobe, the classic peg trouser. I have worn trousers like this as long as I can remember, and though I have enjoyed wearing a skinny trouser shape now and again, I always seem to default back to the peg style whenever I am stuck for something to wear. I am finding them increasingly difficult to find; I really wanted a velvet pair but a lot of the high street velvet is ever so thin, so I'm on the look out for a vintage pair. I really feel that my style is hallmarked by a mix of vintage and high street; I usually have a bit of both in every look I wear. I feel a bit uncomfortable wearing completely vintage or completely new clothing, so it makes sense to mix it up. 
Back to Birkenstocks - does anyone have any advice vis a vis making them more comfortable? (apart from not buying any?) This pair were the narrow fit and still my feet swum around in them and I had to grip with my toes to keep them on when I walked (hence the uncomfort) and they also gave me a blister! Not a great shoe purchase. But make for a good picture!

XO Amie 
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