Review: Eisenberg So French!

Eisenberg So French! fragrance £5 Boots

I had tried not to buy any more perfumes since I have a couple that I wear religiously and I was really happy with them, but when I see perfumes on sale it's hard to resist, especially when they are a fiver! My penchant for weird fragrances immediately meant that I was drawn to this one by Eisenberg, a brand I have never heard of, due in part to the word 'French' on the box (such a Francophile) and also the amazing illustration which is in equal parts fantastic and terrifying!

This is a bonkers perfume. Inspired by French culture, it embodies top notes of bergamot, mandarin, ylang-ylang, rose and lavender. Heart notes include jasmine, iris, violet and leather. Rounding off the scent, base notes feature patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. A rather mixed bag, and on first scent, I really don't like the opening - the rose and lavender is fairly strong, two scents I love, but the mix of these heavy, heady scents with the freshness of bergamot and mandarin is a really odd one. There's also a leathery, smokiness that comes through quite quickly, which is very aggressive and almost takes over, but this dissipates with the drydown to a powdery, leathery lavender.

It's a rather autumnal scent, so I'm thinking now that I'll probably keep it stored until next October as I am really quite over the cold months now and long to be reminded of beaches and sunshine. However I would still consider it a good buy - the longevity is good, it lasts most of the day on the skin and the longer it wears, the better it gets. The throw is enormous - I would go easy on wearing this to work as I feel it might be a bit headache inducing in an office. Overall, though, a fragrance that is unlike any I've ever tried before, intriguing, interesting and definitely one that will be asked about.

XO Amie
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