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I've spoken at length about my love for Lush fragrances, a friend of mine introduced them to me and I've been obsessed with them ever since! I wore Karma religiously for a couple of years and it became something of a signature. The perfume came as a solid formed in a small tube, which was easy to apply to pulse points, and the stick itself melted into the skin leaving a generous dose of fragrance which had incredible silage (throw) - people would often come into a room and ask who was wearing that particular scent.

The most recent incarnations of the solid scents come in these prettily decorated tins, which are nicer to look at than the previous tubes but unfortunately not as effective. I find them more difficult to apply this way, and whilst I'm not sure if some of the scents have been reformulated, I found Karma distinctly duller in the tin form than it had been in the stick.

Nevertheless, they are much cheaper to buy than the liquid perfumes and last a considerable length of time longer. The scent stays on the skin well and, whilst the solid doesn't cling to clothes like the liquid versions do (I can smell Sikkim Girls on a shirt even after washing it) they are still a worthy investment. I have 4, two that I already love and two based on the scents I wanted to try but didn't want to commit to purchasing the liquid versions of!

Karma I've already spoken about, and this is Lush's signatory - you'll probably have smelt this if you've ever been to a Lush store. A bohemian and heady mix of orange and patchouli, my first real encounter with Lush fragrances and such a revelation to find a scent that didn't smell sweet to me. That synthetic, fruity sweetness that seems to be the base for so many high street perfumes is not one that appeals to me, so this was a fantastic antithesis. Sikkim Girls was the next find - the solid version almost as good as the liquid, perhaps slightly soapier and gentler on the smoky bite that makes it so distinctive, but wearable, all the same. I have a vintage bottle of SG from 2012 and this is a great extension to that.

The two newer fragrances that I wanted to try come from the third cycle of Gorilla Perfumes; Karma being a 'Greatest Hit' and Sikkim Girls part of 'Volume two.' Kerbside Violet really encapsulates its namesake in this solid; it smells like a damp, earthy, mossy patch of ground after the rain, with a hit of violet to make it slightly more feminine. There's a touch of parma violets to it, as well, and as someone who loves those sweets, it suits me fine! Smugglers Soul is possibly darker still; a great companion to Sikkim Girls, (a reason I bought it) and very woody, deep sandalwood oils combine to offer something truly very different to any other scents I've tried.

XO Amie
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