Instagram Roundup: December 2016

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As 2016 winds to a close, I thought I'd take a quick look back over December via Instagram. It's been a funny old month - Carrie Fisher, George Michael to name just two of the dearly departed from a year thats taken its toll on the big names from stage and screen. And then it's been Christmas, which is always such an almighty rush and stress, for a single lovely day spent eating, opening presents and watching bad TV. Actually, I was lucky this year - Adrian and I managed three days off together before having to head back to work (him) and blogging (me) and it was really rather nice not to be looking at a computer screen for a change (I swapped that for the TV screen and the best of the 80s in film and sitcoms) 

I also managed to see my family and friends, catch up with work, make plans for New Year and try and shoehorn in a bit of instagramming too. I've stopped worrying so much about my follower count, which was a really big aim of mine for a long time, as I have really started to question why I am bothering - the same with blogging, too. There's not enough room now for any more huge bloggers, not that I would want to be that, but it's frustrating, in many ways, that an almost 8 year hobby remains just that. Also very satisfying that I've almost spent a decade nattering away on the internet. Perhaps that should be my USP - longevity!

See ya 2016 - I'll be blogging in 2017 with less of a sense of empire building, and more of a view of doing something I love, for my own sense of sanity and to halt any feelings of becoming a slave to my mobile telephone. I'll instagram when I want to, and if I lose all my followers, I really won't mind all that much.

XO Amie 
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