Hygge Hype

I almost don't want to write too much about the Danish contentment trend in this post because even as I type, I can sense the backlash coming - along with 'sparking joy' I think 2016 will be remembered (other much more important factors aside) as seeing the explosion of hygge and basically multiple other words, books and ideas on how to correctly live your life.

Self help and making the best of what you have are not new ideas, and I suppose if you were struggling for inspiration as to how to pigeonhole your feelings via your home environment, I guess hygge, and possibly Mari Kondo, could provide that. No shade here - I lived with a capsule wardrobe for the best part of a year so I can totally relate to the structure. Having come out of the other side of that experiment, though, I have to wonder, (how Carrie Bradshaw of me) whether it is worth the effort?

I can't complain about how we must live in an instagrammable society because I am part of that, but there is certainly a pressure to portray a perfect element of your life - whether that is your home, lunch choice, outfit of the day, and so on - at all times. I had a goal to reach over 1k followers on Instagram and now I feel like I must post daily, to avoid losing any. Perhaps this is a slight over exaggeration, actually, but as a blogger I do think that there is a continual pressure to justify your position in the ranks. After all, if you don't, another social influencer will take your place.

The point of Hygge is contentment. How content would you be to live in a perfectly perfect home? Probably not overly - what if you spilt something? Would you forever be considering your next Instagram post? I don't know how relaxing that would be. 

Hygge to me is sitting in bed with a cup of tea and watching Only Fools & Horses on Gold. It is putting my slippers on (they're memory foam) after a long day. It is playing football with Adrian in our ridiculously tiny kitchen/living room (we've got a soft football to ensure no damage ensues!) It's enjoyment, not worrying too much about making my surroundings bloggable. How hypocritical, then, to share some imagery of perfectly pinnable interiors. But what you can't see: the wires and cables for TVs and phones that need electricity, the ironing pile, my messy dressing table. There's always mess behind the picture (unless possibly you are Kim Kardashian, and then I imagine there are paid people ensuring there is never any mess/unphotographic angles.) 

XO Amie
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