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The Body Shop Smoky Rose body spray here and EDP here

There are few perfumes that I consider to be 'must buys' but one of the ones that I always end up going back to is this 'White Musk Smoky Rose' scent by The Body Shop. I've worn this for years, and whilst I wouldn't consider it a signature scent, I like it enough to pick it up when I see it on special offer. I bought it most recently with a 40% off voucher - The Body Shop do offers so frequently, it's worth waiting a week or so to see what they will bring out next before you buy!

Fragrance website Fragrantica states the top notes of the scent to be bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant with black rose, tobacco blossom, olibanum and white musk all featuring. I can definitely detect the tobacco blossom and I think this masculine edge to the more feminine rose scent is what I like about this perfume. It smells smokier when first applied, gently warming down to a rich, deep scent which remains quite heavy but isn't too oppressive. 

This scent has also been likened to Lush's Rose Jam, which makes sense as Sikkim Girls is probably what I would consider my signature scent. I really love the Lush Gorilla Perfumes as they are so unique and completely unlike most of the overtly sweet or floral synthetic scents that are all over the high street.

I think if you have ever tried the Lush fragrances and found them too overwhelming for you (they are an olfactory experience not to be ignored!) then this scent, or the musk collections by The Body Shop, could be a useful alternative. They are as unusual, but certainly not as intricate or have as much depth as the Lush ones. They make good daytime fragrances, too, because whilst different, they are still fairly inoffensive and the silage (throw) is not as enormous as the Lush fragrances are.

XO Amie
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