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White Stuff Chill Down hoody £55, Sprint Start sweat £37.50, Slouch pant £32.50, Lotus Pose seamless bra £25

Working out in the winter takes on a new level of sass with these amazing new items from White Stuff! I've worked with the brand on many occasions and always love their easy, well made pieces that fit and flatter, and the new workout collection for AW16 is no different. Working out in the colder months is often more of a chore - it's nice to go out for a run when the sun is shining, but who wants to go out in howling winds and torrential rain during the winter? Many people give up on exercise over this time of year and pick it up again in January, but with this lovely new fitness wear, you won't want to!

I enjoy running, but I don't particularly like going out in the dark which realistically means I can only manage runs at weekends as, by the time I'm home from work, the evenings have drawn in. However I turn to other things instead; I really enjoy the at-home workouts by Blogilates on YouTube and often complete a few of her videos on my yoga mat before moving on to some stretch routines with another favourite YouTuber, Adriene Mischler. Sitting at a desk all day is bad for my posture and I love the way that yoga helps to stretch and tone the muscles; you can select the level of intensity depending on how active you are feeling and gentle yoga is also helpful if you are injured or feeling unwell. 

The soft cuts and fabrics of the new White Stuff range is just lovely and I would wear all of the items to work out in at home or outdoors; the fleecy lined hoody would be perfect to relax in after a yoga session for the savasana (relaxing) part at the end, to allow you to cool down without feeling chilled. Likewise, the slouch pants give you room to move into different yoga poses without feeling restricted, but the ankle cuff prevents them slipping during inversions. I love the thumbhole detail on the Sprint Start sweat - it would be perfect to run in on frosty mornings. Whilst the pieces aren't overtly bright or colourful, which is a departure from White Stuff's usual style, I love the more muted tones and the intricate patterns that add interest to the pieces, allowing them to be mixed and matched with other items from the range or even with your own workout gear. 

Shop the full workout range over on the White Stuff website here.

XO Amie
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