Beauty Dupe: Artis Oval brushes

Artis brush dupes from Amazon

The latest buzzword in beauty technology revolves around the idea of the oval brush. Totally different to any makeup brushes I've ever seen, these really seem to be a sort of hybrid between a hairbrush and a toothbrush - for your face.

Stick with this, even though it sounds crazy. The method behind these brushes is that the larger surface area, and ergonomic design, apply makeup seamlessly and flawlessly. The beauty of this method of application is that it it also quick - cutting down time spent in the bathroom!

Now, the market leader for this type of brush is a brand called Artis. The large oval brush retails at £60 so they are extremely highly priced for makeup brushes, and whilst I wanted to try them out, I wasn't looking to spend a small fortune. I found these ones on Amazon and with postage they probably came to around £5. I have to say, they aren't the best quality, but I wasn't expecting much for the price. The plastic handles are lightweight and not that easy to control, and the brush heads have a tendency to shed hairs which is not the mark of a decent brush! However, it did give me an idea on how these brushes would work and the sort of results that they could deliver.

I used the smaller sized brush to apply my foundation, and I did this in the normal way - dotting it onto my face, and using the brush in place of a damp beauty blender or typical foundation brush. It did make for a much quicker application - I applied the product in about half the time - but I didn't find it easy to follow the contours of my face; around the nose and eyes I had to go back in with a beauty blender to smooth out the foundation as it did miss some areas. Even so, it didn't leave brush marks and it was still a much quicker process than the usual application method I use.

I think the larger sized brush would be best suited to powder application as it really is quite sizeable - I can't see how you would be able to do much with it apart from apply loose powder or bronzer to the face, and even then it would be really quick to do. I think this is almost akin to a powder puff, suitable for smoothing powder loosely over the face than trying to achieve any sort or particularity. 

Having tried the brushes, I was surprised at home much quicker they made base product application with, but it still wouldn't tempt me to splurge £60 on a better version. I have also used the larger sized brush to remove makeup if I have been a little heavy handed with blusher or bronzer, it's really handy to be able to use it to lift excess product away if needed. Overall, they are a good dupe for the expensive versions, and perhaps something to try if you are considering making the change to using this type of brush.

XO Amie
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