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Belvita Breakfast biscuits c/o Belvita

I never really used to eat breakfast, despite knowing that it is allegedly one of the most important meals of the day. I would occasionally have some fruit or a piece of toast, but more often than not would rely on caffeine to fuel my morning, which is definitely not the best way to get the body and brain set up for the day ahead!

I was kindly sent some breakfast biscuits to try by the folks at Belvita, and I must admit, I wouldn't normally correlate the idea of a healthy breakfast with 'biscuits.' Now that I am a little older, I do try and make sure I have time for a balanced breakfast each day, and I will accompany my cup of tea with porridge and berries or fruit toast and jam; something a little more substantial that will see me through until lunchtime.

Belvita sent me over a selection of biscuits to try. Specially designed for breakfast time, they claim to provide energy for the whole morning, and are made up of at least five fine whole grains, rich in cereals and containing essential fibre and vitamins. When eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, they aim to help get you through the day without snacking.

Working in a busy office environment, I often find that I'll end up eating breakfast and lunch at my desk. I usually only manage to stop work for short amounts of time, and it can be tempting to snack; there are always sweet treats in the tea room. I found that having a pack of Belvita to hand helped to alleviate the need for 'elevenses' and having to have something unhealthy to have with my mid morning cup of tea. Often, I would eat Belvita as part of my breakfast and then get to lunchtime before feeling hungry, so I do think that the claims they make are substantiated, for me at least!

I have tried a few different flavours, and my favourites were the Forest Fruit breakfast biscuits (pictured) which were really light and very tasty. I also liked the yogurt crunch version although these seemed a little sweeter and heavier, although you get fewer in the packet so they aren't too sickly. I also tried the apricot 'crunchy' Belvita which are more brittle in texture and have a real bite to them. I really enjoyed the flavour of these as apricot isn't often used in breakfast foods - which is a pity as it's lovely!

Have you tried Belvita before? I have bought them in the past, before I was kindly sent some to review, and I would continue to buy them again. They are a little pricier than buying plain cereals or porridge, but compared to buying, for example, a coffee chain muffin, they are affordable and better for you!

XO Amie

This post was written in collaboration with Belvita. I was sent the products for review purposes but all opinions are my own. 
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