Archive #19: Signature Style

I haven't done an archive post in a little while and so I thought I would throwback to this post from 2012. When I was looking for a post to revisit, and I found this one, I thought it would be nice to post again as I would wear this outfit again in a flash; it's a signature look of mine that I love, peg shaped trousers, a classic court shoe, a boxt top and oversized jacket. 

There are stories behind each of these pieces, too. I think that's the common denominator with items that I really love, they have a special quality to them which makes them part of my classic style. The striped top is from The Gap, I bought this when I moved to a different branch when Adrian and I moved into a different part of the city. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I wore this top out; I probably wore it rotationally about 5 days out of 7, I adored the fit and the fabric which was thicker than a jersey but lighter than a sweatshirt. I wish I had bought a couple of them; after a while (perhaps 2 or more years after these pictures were taken!) it did end up in the rag bag as it just became too tattered to wear out. Nonetheless, it was still a favourite and whilst I have a similar Whistles one that I wear now, I would swap it out for the Gap one in a second!

Ah, leather trousers. 2012 was a good year for ebaying and charity shopping as I found these trousers in a local second hand shop for about £6 if I remember rightly. I never fully embraced the whole leather leggings look, though I did dabble for a hot minute back in 2008, but this looser cut was much more me. Unfortch, they were ever so slightly too small; and I remember too tight around the butt making sitting down uncomfortable! Hence, they were soon sold on but I still look at this style fondly, I've actually now replaced these with a (non shiny) pleather pair which are a much better fit and not butt huggers, so keep an eye out for those to be featured in a look soon!

Likewise, the suede courts and fur coat were second hand purchases; the coat is my dream faux fur on account of the cut and fit. So cute and literally around a fiver from eBay. I really need to take it to be dry cleaned and start wearing it becuase unlike the Whistles faux fur (pink) coat that I have, I think I actually could wear this day to day. The bracelet length sleeves and cute collar make it all the better.

The shoes, again, I still have, although rarely wear because these days I champion a lower heel, but they are always useful to have in the armoury should the need to wear a heel arise. I really enjoy the cut of these and fact that they are navy suede; I've always been about wearing colours with things that they shouldn't be seen with, and navy or brown and black are some of my favourite combos.

XO Amie
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