Summer Look #010: The Bardot Top

Wearing: charity shopped top (similar here) Topshop shorts (similar here) Kurt Geiger sandals (similar here) vintage sunglasses (similar here)

In keeping with the theme of my last couple of outfit posts, this one is also fairly seasonally inappropriate despite the much more pleasant weather of late. I say pleasant, I think shorts weather has long since passed and even though I wore a sweatshirt on my run this morning I was boiling, so maybe it's not quite the end of summer yet. I love the warmer, sunny weather and I'm not really ready to start thinking about autumn yet (still!) but I do get why people get excited by it; the chance to wear new things and layer up seems appealing when the sun's shining - although I'm sure by January everyone will be longing for sunshine again.

That being said, I'm pushing it as far as I can. The heating is not yet on in my house and despite seeing an explosion of winter fashion (by September 1st!) I have considered digging out some of my winter woolies and decided against it. I have seen a few people dressed in their transitional finery and looking rather hot and uncomfortable, it is hard to know how to dress at this time of year so people seems to try and mix both seasons in their dressing. So far I've seen a thick knitted scarf paired with flip flops, and thick black tights, a skirt and over the knee boots worn with a strappy top. It's got everyone confused!

When it's hot, though, I know how to dress. This bardot top has been a great go-to in my wardrobe this season; bought from a chazza this time last year I had no opportunity to wear it before winter so I had planned to wear it this time around, and as luck would have it, it was the style 'du jour.' It's a really easy piece to wear and I've washed it and set it aside to be carefully packed away for next year, as I think it's something I'll definitely return to.

I spoke about these shorts at length in this post and I am pleased I had the chance to get another few wears from them as I didn't go on holiday this year so it was never guarenteed that I would get wear from them at all, seeing as the UK weather is fairly unpredictable! The KG sandals were another item bought at the wrong time of year, but they came into their own this summer and I wore them hard. Smart enough for work but comfortable enough for everyday, they were a staple in my shoedrobe. I'll be sad to put them away!

XO Amie
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