Instagram Roundup: August 2016

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August has been a really nice month and it's been so lovely to see a bit of sun for a change. Adrian and I had the week prior to the bank holiday off, and we did consider going abroad but it ended up being far too expensive so we settled for a 'staycation' and the weather held out, too, (for the most part!) so it was lovely to be able to go for long sunny walks and picnics. Earlier in the month Adrian's record label, Howling Owl, celebrated it's 5th birthday with a week of fantastic gigs including one on a boat (in the blazing sunshine) and a five-a-side football tournament (again, in the sun!) and I managed to get 100% attendance to every event, although I only managed to stay out until about 8pm on the final (Tuesday!) night. 

I had a sort out of my dressing table and made my (diminutive) perfume collection look quite nice! I don't have many fragrances but the ones I do, I really like. I am particularly enjoying the Dior at the moment; Hypnotic Poison is amazing and even though it's a bit wintry, it's so unusual and so unlike anything I've ever smelled before. It's not at all fruity (despite being in an apple shaped bottle!) and I like that, it definitely doesn't have that synthetic sweetness that a lot of perfumes seem to.

Charity shop find of the month goes to these crackers dog loafers, which I adore even though they are clearly quite bonkers. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet as I am still getting mileage from my summer sandals. I really think that even thought it's practically September, summer is still only at a mid point; I don't feel ready for autumn at all and certainly have no wish to start getting the jumpers out just yet!

XO Amie
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