Capsuling with Colour

Colourful capsule wardrobe picks

Colour is not my strong suit. It's not that I only ever wear black, but that I choose more neutral tones with the occasional splash of print thrown in. I have tried, especially during the summer months, to embrace more colour in my wardrobe but I really don't find it that easy. It's not that I am scared of wearing colour, I just don't feel comfortable in it, as I do in my 'uniform' colours of black, grey, navy and camel. If I ever do choose a coloured item, it will be a darker shade; such as burgundy or mustard, rather than a bright zesty tone.

However, there are a couple of pieces in my summer wardrobe which are most colourful and really rather beautiful. I adored this Winston lace top by Finery and purposefully bought it in the chartreuse rather than the mushroom shade that I know I would have got more wear from. This was an error. Whilst I loved it, it was just too much for me; I loved the fit and design but that bright of a colour in such a block was too difficult to add in to my everyday looks, so I did end up selling it on as I missed the returns deadline! (I was procrastinating thinking of ways I could make it work for me). I don't think there's any shame in admitting you have tried something but not had the success you thought you would, and in hindsight I was silly not to buy the mushroom coloured version of the top!

Something that has been more successful, however, is a layering piece. This Topshop Boutique jersey is lightweight and I posted about it here; picked up for a snip on eBay. I like this because it looks great layered (which makes it less obvious) and it's easy to wear under ecru dungarees or navy slip dresses. 

Print is another way to introduce colour without feeling that it takes over a look. I have a couple of pairs of printed trousers which make an excellent foil for a more muted look; adding, as they do, just a splash of colour and interest. I used to also be a huge advocate for a coloured shoe; in the late 90's/early 00's you could often find me swinging my flares around the local discotheque shod in a must have fluorescent court shoe (pointed, stiletto heel, from the Faith concession at Topshop.) Nowadays, however, rather boringly I choose shoes that look more classic; tan and black seem to the the colour of every pair of shoes I own but I like to ring the changes now and then with a snakeskin boot or a detailed brogue. 

How do you like to wear colour? Have you got any good tips?

XO Amie
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