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topshop boutique silk floral trousers, topshop boutique ribbed jersey top
Topshop boutique silk trousers and gingham top

Topshop Boutique printed trousers (similar here) Topshop Boutique jersey top (similar here) Topshop Boutique gingham top (similar here)

I've spoken at length on the blog about slow fashion and buying more investment pieces and when organising my capsule wardrobe it's something I've tried to keep in mind. I am realistic in the idea that it's not feasible for many people to spend a lot of money on expensive clothing, and I think it's less about boycotting stores and more about making considered choices. I also appreciate that second hand shopping is not for everyone, and that's ok too, but I wanted to show a few ways in which you can buy lovely items without having to spend a fortune.

1. Charity shops: These can be a complete treasure trove of vintage and modern items, you can often find great branded pieces in store if you are prepared to have a dig, and your money not only benefits the charity the shop supports, but crucially prevents clothing being uneccessarily converted into landfill. There is so much emphasis on newness these days, and at the first sight of bobbling or wear, a lot of people cast out their cheap clothing and buy new. By buying better, your clothes will last longer, and you can do this in charity shops-most of my silk blouses come from chazzers.

2. eBay/Depop: Again, not for everyone, and you do have to be quite a frequent peruser of these sites to ensure you find and snap up the bargains. All of these Topshop Boutique pieces came from eBay, the silk trousers cost £10, the gingham top £11 and the jersey top £1. Both of these items I considered buying at full price in the store, but a quick search of eBay turned them out and a couple of bids later, they were in my wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. You can set up alerts to tell you when new items matching the brands you like are uploaded, so you don't miss out. These sites are also great for selling, if you are clearing out your wardrobe and want to make some money back.

3. Shopping savvy: If you want to buy new clothing, it pays to shop around. You can often get good deals by signing up to brands emails, for example, even if it's just a welcome 10% off. One of my favourite sites, Finery, gifts you £15 to spend when you sign up-well worth doing if you've got your eye on something. 

4. Waiting for the sales: It's not often you'll need to buy something immediately, and if you can hold out, it's worth waiting for the sales, especially at this time of year when mid-season sales are imminent on the high street. This is particularly worth doing if the item you have your eye on is seasonal; it's likely it will be reduced, so it's always worth waiting if you can.

5. Swapping with friends: I've been to a swap shop before and it's so much fun! Get a group of girlfriends together with a bag of clothes they would each be donating to charity, and have a rummage through them ove a glass of wine. You might end up with a whole new outfit, and anything that's left can be donated. Win win!

Have you got any tips for buying better?

XO Amie
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