Miss Dior: The Original

Miss Dior vintage perfume

Miss Dior Original (here) Vintage watch (similar here)

The nice thing about slow fashion, keeping things for years as opposed to just buying more, more, more, is that occasionally you find a gem that you'd forgotten you had. Case in point here: this vintage watch; salvaged from a chazza in my hometown for a quid a million years ago, and now working again and on my wrist for another millenia thanks to Timpsons, and this bottle of Miss Dior. The OG.

This is a lady of a perfume. It was my grans, I think, although the scent is not reminiscent of her, but i was given it after she died and it was still sealed in the box.  I opened it, had a sniff and decided it wasn't for me, so I put it back in the box and into my bathroom cupboard.

That must have been about 7 or 8 years ago and the other day, having a clear out, I decided I would try it again. Initially I felt it was a little too mature-it's got such a powdery first note but once this dries down, there is such a lovely violet and almost leathery finish to it. This is a chypre perfume, and the vintage OG is different to the 'Miss Dior Originale' which you can still find on sale today. They look alike, but the reformulated version is lacking in the bite and class that the vintage perfume contains. I only say so because I tried the new version the other day, and whilst on first sniff it does seem similar, the drydown is very different. A reader of one of my favourite perfume website, Fragrantica, summed it up perfectly; after spritzing each wrist with the new and old perfumes, after 24 hours the old perfume smelled like the end of a party, and the new version smelled like a fire in a shanty town. Spot on.

Trying this Dior perfume got me to the counter and I tried and subsequently fell in love with Hypnotic Poison, another classic, elegant and grown up fragrance with a bit of backbone. I love these established and mature scents and I will definitely be saving up for this one next.

XO Amie
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