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Until I find another brand that I love as much as the ones I've already featured, this could well be the last in the CCC Shops series. I have tried to showcase brands that are a little different to what is found so frequently on the high street; the main reason I decided to undertake the capsule wardrobe challenge, and change my shopping habits, was down to the way that fast fashion has become so 'normal' and I'll be the first to admit I did get swept up in the idea of buying and buying and throwing away clothes that did not fit my aesthetic. This led to me continually feeling that I had to buy more-nothing was enough-and yet, I never had anything to wear (or any money!)

I also didn't like buying things that everybody had-I like fashion to be a reflection of who I am, and the thought of seeing a lot of other people in the same clothes as me was a little jarring. I haven't found the capsule wardrobe project easy, but it has definitely helped my style become more defined. Likewise, until I watched the documentary 'The True Cost' I had no idea how much 'fast fashion' was damaging the environment, and this was a real eye opener.

Reclaimed Vintage is an ASOS own brand. Taking vintage pieces and upcycling them, or using fabrics as a starting point, the pieces are created in factories in East London and, paired with vintage denim sourced from France and the USA, collections are put together to represent the current seasons. What I love about this range is that is keeps within the vintage aesthetic that I love, but it is actually really affordable-much more so than the Urban Outfitters 'Urban Renewal' range which, lets face it, is probably made in the same factories!

Some of my favourite summer items include midi dresses and lightweight jumpsuits and playsuits. A lot of the summer pieces have a heavy festival/boho leaning in the styling which isn't really my style, but I have found that actually a lot of the plainer items are really easy to wear and would fit in well with my existing wardrobe. I particularly like the black boilersuit and the v-back midi dress.

There is also a surprising amount of block colour-even though the brand does venture into prints (like this daisy print jumpsuit) this plain black tea dress is a staple for summer. I also love this heavy leather backpack, and this blanket poncho which would be perfect for a festival. The accessories are strong, too; this geometric choker is a great take on this popular trend. 

Have you shopped reclaimed vintage before?

XO Amie

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