Love Me Beauty subscription box #5

Love Me Beauty bag May contents

I'm a little behind posting about the May Love Me Beauty box, but it got held up on dispatch and so I couldn't photograph the contents when I had wanted to-not that it really mattered as it gave me a bit of time to use the items I chose, so I can review them as well as giving a first impression.

I only received two items this time and they cost 30 credits each. I was a bit disappointed with the selection in the boutique this month, but I was interested to see these fragrances by Valeur Absolue. Since finishing my bottle of Sikkim Girls by Lush, I've had a reignited interest in fragrance and although I am trying not to buy until I finish up the ones I've got, I thought it would be nice to give these a go.

Valeur Absolue is a French brand and each fragrance has a meaning behind it, complemented by precious stones actually in the perfume bottle which reflect the elements of the fragrance. Since trying Sikkim Girls I have definitely found an affinity for oriental fragrances, perfumes with a slight powder and also perfumes that aren't universally likable; I wanted something other than a simple floral or citrus scent.

There were several to choose from on the Love Me Beauty website so I looked up the brand to find out which ones I might like. The hard thing about buying fragrances blindly is that you don't know if you'll like them or not, but I do like both perfumes. After some lengthy research I  settled on two that sounded the most like what I was looking for: Confiance and Harmonie.

Confiance is described as a reassuring scent and I would agree. It is quite velvety to the nose and I can smell amber and floriental top notes. It dries down to a peachy, powdery finish and is lovely, easy to wear and inoffensive. There is almost a touch of masculinity to it; perhaps a mans shower gel type smell, which is fleeting but adds a spiciness which stops it from being sickly. I really like this scent and I have been wearing it quite regularly as a day perfume, my solid Lush Karma perfume tops it up beautifully. The bottle contains tiny semi-precious cornelian stones, which adds a pretty and unusual touch.

Harmonie is a little fresher and punchier and it contains elements of Earl Grey and bitter orange neroli which gives its musk base a sharper edge. Layers of orange blossom and bergamot again remind me of elements of my Lush Karma fragrance in the dry down. This scent is really layered and the more it wears, the more the different elements you can detect in it. The bottle contains semi precious amethyst stones and both fragrances are perfectly handbag sized.

Valeur Absolue fragrances are not cheap (they start from €60 on the website) and these smaller sized samples are £20 each. I would not have heard of the brand if it wasn't for Love Me Beauty, so in that respect I am pleased I chose to go for them as they are definitely something I would consider buying again in the future.

Want to know more about Love Me Beauty? Have a look at their website here.

XO Amie
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