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Capsule wardrobing has become a really interesting hobby of mine and since learning about the idea behind it- championing minimalist living and less waste-I've become quite intrigued by the rules and regulations held by different methods of this practice. Some trains of thought are quite regimented-you may have only a limited amount of pieces, or you may only buy a limited amount of items per season. Others are more flexible and are less about the number of items included and more about thinking carefully and making edited purchase decisions.

I think I am more likely to consider the more flexible side of capsule wardrobing as the one that suits me best. I started off the capsule wardrobe project with a set number of items per season, but as the project progressed I found this to be limiting and also rather stifling. I have always used fashion as a way of expressing my creativity, and having 40 pieces to play with will inevitable restrict this somewhat. However, I did also find it helpful in clearing the decks a little; items that had been unworn were sold or donated, and I found that I stopped hoarding items and started off on a more even keel in that I actually loved, and wore, everything I owned. It also negated the need to buy more-I realised what I had was enough in many ways and that in turn let me to a real rethink about the ways and places I shop. 

Trying to be more ethical with my shopping habits has meant more thrift and second hand shopping, using apps like depop and eBay to make purchases and shopping with more of an idea in mind than simply wanting to treat myself to something. Rotating items in my wardrobe has meant that they still seem new and it's not as if packing away out of season clothing is a new idea-just one I'd never taken advantage of before. The actual act of packing away and then unpacking before buying blindly is cathartic and integral in reminding me what I've got in my wardrobe; replacements or extras can then be sourced as needed.

I have also tried to make accessories a key factor in my capsule wardrobe. Scarves, hats, bags and shoes all help to transform a look and make it your own and these can be found so cheaply in charity shops. The important thing for me whilst undertaking this project has been to stop duplicating purchases and putting items into my wardrobe that don't earn their place, or that I'll be bored of in a month's time. Making the project work in my own way has meant that my own personal style is preserved and I can keep the capsule wardrobe going without getting fed up with it.

XO Amie
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