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botanical lavender floral tattoo
botanical lavender floral tattoo
botanical lavender floral tattoo
botanical lavender floral tattoo

Tattoos are something that I've never really posted about on the blog, but this year I decided I wanted to repair some of the damage done by poor tattooing in my younger years and get a couple of tattoos that I don't like covered up. Tattoos are very divisive, and, love them or loathe them, most people have an opinion of them, or something to say about them at the very least!

The most common question I think tattooed folk get is 'but what about when you're older?' and I think it's a fair question, really. Then again, when my bingo wings are all saggy and I'm ancient, I plan to care little for what other people think anyway-I'll wear what I like and if a droopy tat is included in that, so be it! I'm permanently cold too so I think the likelihood of me wearing short sleeves or strappy tops when I am old is probably slim!

People often reference regret with tattoos and again, this is a fair question to ask. Do I regret some of my tattoos? Yes. I haven't worn a strap top for almost a decade, permanently conscious of a swiftly inked, slightly wonky and meaningless design etched into my shoulder blade. The process of having it covered was painful (I had to have it woven into a larger design) but also cathartic-something I have been super aware of for a long time as being ugly and of poor execution is now incredibly beautiful. I am actually considering extending the design I have, now that I have found a tattoo artist who is very talented and has taken time to hone their craft.

This tattoo is a lavender stem. One of my favourite flowers, technical botanical floral illustrations seem to translate into ink perfectly. I like that it is feminine, I had wanted a tattoo on the back of my arm for some time but was put off by the thought of looking butch (!) but I don't think this does. It's pretty and unusual and I love the way it looks. It did hurt, but not as much as the cover up on my shoulder!

XO Amie
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