Spring Look #006: The Vintage Top

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Wearing: Vintage top (similar here) ASOS jeans (similar here) Gap hat (similar here) Vintage belt (similar here) Vintage shoes (similar here)

I posted about this vintage top that I picked up in the charity shop in this post and I couldn't wait to wear it. Slightly boxy, slightly cropped, and with loads of lovely embroidery on it, it's so pretty and adds a feminine edge to my favourite trashed girfriend jeans!

This is a bit of a charity shopped look, actually, and a definite throwback to my wardrobe of a couple of years ago-both the shoes and belt are really old and the Gap straw hat is at least 5 years old, but it's a favourite and comes out summer after summer. This is really the crux of a capsule wardrobe, I think; finding items that you can just wear and wear. I trudged around Barcelona in these sandals last year, and wore them so much I needed to get the soles re-attached, but I'm glad I did because I know they're going to be brilliant for summers to come-they're so comfy!

Careful buys mean that nothing I have looks too dated and even though I might buy the odd 'trend' piece, I try to ensure that it's an item I would wear for longer than just a season. I am saving money in this regard too, rather than buying more and more of the latest looks, I tend to invest in my personal style a little more. Knowing what suits me, and how to wear it, means I am making fewer errors in fashion judgement and ending up with fewer clangers in my wardrobe!

XO Amie
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