Charity Shop Find of the Week #26

Vintage top by WOW £3.99 Oxfam

I haven't really done much charity shopping this month as I've been focusing on sorting out my spring wardrobe and switching over the clothes I already had, I also went to a couple of kilo sales in March so I kind of felt as if I had got quite a lot to work with! I headed over to Weston on Friday and whilst I had a little look around, I didn't find anything I particularly liked, but a quick scout around my local Oxfam the following day turned up this little blouse. It's a vintage one and the brand is 'Wow', and what attracted me to it was the amount of detail in it.

I had spotted (and almost bought) a zebra print silk shirt in Weston on the Friday, but I decided that even for £1 I didn't think I could make zebra print work for me, so I left it. It's so tempting to just buy everything you see in the chazzas, but it's not all good stuff and not all 'vintage' is wearable so sometimes it's best to walk away from things. This decision was rewarded with this find, I feel, as this is something I'll wear loads, I know. It will be perfect for work or I could dress it down with jeans. I love the boxy cut and the embroidery and detail it has; for £3.99 I could never find something like this on the high street.

I couldn't find any labels in it apart from the neck tag so I wasn't sure of the fabric composition but it does feel a little like crepe; I have handwashed it just to err on the side of caution (I didn't want to shrink it or the colour to run from it) and I'm looking forward to wearing it especially now the weather finally seems to be getting a little better!

Have you found anything in the chazzas lately?

XO Amie
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