Spring Look #002: Loafers & Knitwear

vintage knitted jumper, cream scarf, vintage fashion
vintage fashion, topshop binx jeans, cable jumper, knitted scarf
vintage knitted scarf
vintage fashion, knitted jumper, tassel scarf
topshop binx jeans, knitted scarf, vintage
vintage cream thrifted knitted jumper
vintage fashion, topshop binx jeans, vintage heeled loafers
cream vintage tassel scarf

Wearing: Vintage jumper (similar here and here) vintage scarf (similar here) Topshop jeans (similar here) vintage shoes (similar here)

It would stand to reason that my spring outfits actually seem more wintery than my winter ones, but key thing here is that I'm not wearing a coat! Yippee! The weather is still as bonkers as usual though, one day it seems like spring has arrived and it's boiling, and the next day it's snowing. Yes, my mum text me the other day to say that it was snowing where she lives; it didn't settle but it was still snow. In April! What about that.

I've worked out I can go coat-less if I wear a decent knit, and I've been waiting for an excuse to wear this amazing jumper I picked up at the Vintage Kilo Sale. I have a cardigan of this ilk which I wouldn't wear out as it's too ratty; it's definitely my 'housecoat' and is currently sporting a hole in the right elbow, I presume from overwear. I honestly didn't think elbow patches were a real thing for practicality reasons, but apparently jumpers do get holes in the elbows!

Anyway, this oversized, chunky knit has batwing sleeves and is super cosy, the perfect foil to a pair of black skinnies. Also, you'll know the weather must be about a degree warmer because away go the boots, and out comes the item of footwear practically stapled to my feet during the transitional seasons, these vintage loafers. Which are even more on trend than usual this season with their Gucci-esque snaffle bit on the front!

The scarf might have been overkill but I really do like how it looks, I picked this one up at another Kilo sale (Bristol Textile Recyclers-post coming soon!) along with a printed one and I've been wearing both quite regularly. Double cable knit-why not!

XO Amie
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