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Topshop Boutique boat neck denim dress
Topshop Boutique shearling leather jacket
Topshop boutique silk off the shoulder midi dress
Topshop Boutique leather shirt
Topshop Boutique pink lame cami top
topshop boutique trench coat, cullottes, shirt, mules
Topshop Boutique white shirt, leather skirt

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When I was looking at the way my shopping habits have changed since starting the capsule wardrobe project, the main thing that I've noticed is my keenness to buy better. This doesn't just relate to where I shop, but what I'm buying, too. I have definitely talked in previous posts about spending money on clothes that I've then worn once, or washed and decided I don't like, and this wastefulness -of money as well as space- is something I really hoped capsuling would help to tackle.

To that end, the places I shop on the high street have changed. A quick fashion fix for me might mean nipping into Zara or H&M for a cheap top because I wanted 'something new' but when I look through my wardrobe, there are very few of those impulse buys still there. Most I've either sold on or donated to charity, because they really were only good for one wear-I would get bored of them, or realise I already had a nicer version!

What I have kept are those special pieces, that might have cost a little more, but that I have worn and adored, and so continue to wear; and they aren't only new items, either; the way I charity shop has also changed from picking up cheap high street pieces (that were already probably past their best!) to being more selective and shopping for a higher standard of second hand-the silk blouses, the cashmere, the leather shoes. Of course, just because it's in a charity shop, doesn't mean I have to buy it! I've definitely learnt that as part of this capsule wardrobe project.

Looking through my wardrobe I can see that, of the items that I have bought new, two brands stand out. One of those is Topshop Boutique. For the uninitiated, this is Topshop's higher-end collection, using more premium fabrics and with a slightly more 'grown up' vibe than the store's main collection. It's fairly basic, although the simple pieces are cut with an expert finish that makes them fit so beautifully. Many of the items are also made in Britain and, whilst more expensive than Topshop' regular collection, they have a greater appeal to me as items I will keep and wear for years, as opposed to seasons. I have to admit I usually buy in the sale, but you have to be quick-often the pieces sell out before sale time even comes around.

The new summer collection is extremely covetable, with lots of basic pieces covered off in an edgy and interesting way. There are a few stand-out items which have already sold out-whilst not my cup of tea, the pink lame cami has been very popular, and the suede mules and slip on flats are sure to follow suit. I just feel the items really reflect my style, and not only that, from experience I can say that they wear well and withstand washing, which isn't always the case (despite what you might hope) from more expensive brands.

I wouldn't wear Topshop Boutique head to toe, but I love the dash of effortlessness it adds to any look. I can wear the jumpsuits with vintage loafers and a scarf and still feel polished, or throw an oversized vintage knit over a leather skirt with flats for an easy everyday look. Definitely worth saving up for.

XO Amie
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