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A rummage through Sobeys Vintage Clothing, Bristol

You might remember this post from towards the end of last year, where I chatted about places to go in Bristol. Here's another such place I wanted to feature: Sobeys Vintage Clothing. 

I get such enjoyment from vintage shopping. Whether I'm on the look out for clothing, shoes, jewellery or homewares, one of my favourite things to do is have a good old rummage through the rails in a vintage clothing store. 

Sobeys Vintage Clothing is a shop fairly local to me and whether you are an established vintage shopper or taking the initial foray into buying vintage and second hand, you'll find something to suit your style and your wallet here. Vintage shops can be intimidating; rows of expensively priced and untouchable looking stock arranged just so can be off-putting and occasionally the ambiance can be a little stale; I've shopped in many places like this and it makes shopping for vintage a bit of a chore.

Sobeys couldn't be more different. The store is bright and well laid out, with rails crammed full of enticing product; vintage and reworked clothing from different eras and catering to different genres. You can find a 90's flannel shirt, a retro bow tie, an elegant silk scarf and, of course, the ubiquitous Levis jeans and shorts by the armful within it's walls. Reworked dresses and silk shirts nestle happily next to striped breton tops and rolled, checked scarves; shopping under the dulcet tones of 80s Madonna blasting through the stereo, I could have stayed all day!

The fitting rooms are set back from the main shop floor and are also bright and roomy. Each is decorated with a 'front door' feature and there is a huge leather sofa next to them for mid-shopping respite. There are products dotted about everywhere; handbags and boots hang from wall hooks and vintage sweatshirts and denim shirts next to tweed jackets and canvas dungarees provide continuous inspiration for both male and female shoppers. Prices are super reasonable, you can find something to suit every budget.

Sobeys have branches in both Bristol (24 Park Street) and Exeter (9 Gandy Street) so do pay them a visit if you are in the area. The sales team are super friendly and are always willing to help find a particular item or offer styling tips and are easy to approach and chat to. The store itself is really inspiring; with framed pictures on the wall, vintage signs adding to the retro vibe and huge map pin boards displaying jewellery, it's a really immersive experience and a great place to shop. I really recommend it! 

You can follow Sobeys to keep up with all the latest stock drops and check out what's new on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

XO Amie
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