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A large percentage of space in my bathroom cabinet is dedicated to skincare, and a lot of that concerns moisturisers and facial skincare. Over winter my skin gets so dry, and I've found a few key products that are integral to keeping my face in check!

Korres: Pomegranate moisturiser // Rose Brightening moisturiser // Wild Rose CC cream // I've posted in depth here and here about what I think of the Korres range and as I work through the products I can only say I enjoy them more and more. The Wild Rose CC cream in particular is a wonderful base product, and the gel formulation of the pomegranate moisturiser make it light but still hydrating.

Arbonne: FC5 eye cream // This natural and cruelty free range has helped my winter ravaged skin so much. I use this eye cream in conjunction with a cleanser and moisturiser and my skin looks and feels soft and refreshed after doing so; I love it!

Monu: Facial treatment oil // This is a lovely product to use when my skin is really flagging; I put it on in the evening and if my skin is really dry, I'll add some moisturiser over the top before heading for bed-I'll always wake up with supple, smoothed skin the next day.

Gatineau Paris: Firming Throat Gel // Those French women know a thing or two about anti-ageing, and one place it's important to look after is the neck and throat. staring at phones leads to the sagging skin of 'tech neck' so to combat this I try to ensure my neck and throat is cared for too-don't just moisturise to the jawline! 

XO Amie
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