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I've always had an affinity for the humble ballet flat and one of the things I look forward to wearing most of all after the winter has passed are my ballet pumps. My Chanel pair are my most favourite of all but I do have some more affordable styles, from Pretty Ballerinas down to Topshop. Ballet shoes are set to be high fashion again this spring, especially the higher vamp cut 'glove shoes' which seem to be all over the high street.

I really like that a ballerina enables you to wear something super casual, like a scuzzily chopped pair of denims, and by dint of the presence of a ballerina that scruffy element to the look is eradicated. The look becomes pulled together, in a chic way that isn't replicated with trainers or sandals so easily. I really like that a ballet shoe can bring that element of chic to a look, no matter what you're wearing. It also removes any overt sexiness from other items of clothing; short dresses and denim skirts become elegant and playful when a ballet shoe is slipped on. 

Spartoo have an amazing range of ballet flats which come in all colours and fabrics. I prefer to stick to neutrals or perhaps a bright splash of colour such as red, which looks so good with faded denim. 

XO Amie

This post is in collaboration with Spartoo
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