Capsule Wardrobe Continuations #3

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I wanted to post another capsule round up post as it's fast approaching the time that I need to swap my clothes over for the season. I can't believe I'm almost into the spring capsule, this will be the third rotation of my wardrobe and I'm looking forward to digging out some of my more summery things. I've got a dedicated post coming up featuring the winners and losers from the winter capsule, so keep an eye out for that, but this post is intended to be more of a general round up of the project so far and what I've learnt. 

Shopping wise, I've really noticed my spending habits beginning to change. I would often buy clothes with no reason; ending up with reams of items I only half liked in my wardrobe. They might be ill fitting or cheap, but I would only usually wear them once or twice before becoming bored with them. Buying in a more considered way sounds so simple, but it really takes some thinking about! I have to fight the impulse buying temptation that I used to give into so often, but the more I do so, the easier it becomes to buy the right thing. I still find that I do buy and return items, though; they have to be exactly right and if they're not, I just feel that they are wasting space in my wardrobe. So even considered buying doesn't mean I get it right every time.

Wearing certain items more frequently definitely does mean I start to see what I'm missing. For example, I have no skirts! I have finally bought a leather mini which I have been meaning to pick up for years, but aside from that, I have no other skirt options so I would like to pick up another, perhaps smart enough to wear to work. Carefully looking at what I have makes figuring out what to buy so much easier; rather than coming home with the fifteenth pair of black skinny jeans, I am filling the gaps in my wardrobe more succinctly.

Some key things I've learnt: 
  • I'm never going to have a 'complete' capsule wardrobe. I love fashion, and with each season, there will be something new that I want to try in terms of my own personal style, which, though fairly ingrained, is always willing to try new styles (if they fit within that remit.) I also really love shopping; and I can't imagine ever giving that up, even if my wardrobe is more heavily based on vintage and thrifted finds.
  • I have too many shoes, but that's ok. I'm not going to keep counting shoes as part of my capsule, especially during the summer. This is because I feel like I am restricting myself; I have a lot of shoes that I love, so why not use them to update the clothes and outfits I have streamlined?
  • Numbers are out of the window. I had originally decided on 40 pieces as my perfect capsule wardrobe number, but again, this idea of restriction is not something I had wanted to subscribe to. I actually have less than 40 items in the winter capsule and if I go over or under slightly, who cares! It's about learning about the pieces that work well together, items that I reach for time and again, over having rails and rails crammed with clothes I never wear.
  • It's about adjusting the mindset. I was in a high street store today and there were rails and rails of stock, reduced to £3 and £5. The old me would have gone wild in the aisles and bought the lot, but when I stopped to consider if I needed faux leather leggings, rather than succumbing to 'sale blindness' I realised they would add nothing to my wardrobe but clutter, and I walked away. To me, that is a big deal. Small victories!
Am I still enjoying the capsule project? Yes! I would have definitely given it the heave ho if I really wasn't liking taking part, and what I like about it is that it has made me look at my wardrobe in a different way, and really love the clothes I have, negating that niggling need to buy more, more, more. I'm learning to adapt it to my lifestyle, and that's the key to really making it work, I think.

XO Amie
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