Charity Shop Find of the Week #25

charity shop find, mules, backless shoes
charity shop find, mules, backless shoes

Vivaldi mules £2 local charity shop

I've noticed a trend for the mule as the shoe of choice for Spring '16. I think the flat, pointed sliders are also set to be huge but when I saw these in my local chazza I thought it would be a good investment; at £2 I can afford to take a chance on a style I wouldn't normally invest in. This pair are really 90's looking with the leather uppers and slightly flared heel, and I love that they're brown! 

They are surprisingly comfortable given the heel height and I think they look really cool with shredded denim, I'm also tempted to give them a try with a skirt but I think that might looks wayyyy too 90's and that's not really my favourite era to dress from. Having grown up through the 80's and 90's, key trends for those decades tend to be things I've already worn once, and therefore have little desire to wear again!

XO Amie
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