Charity shop find of the week #24

vintage cord dress 1970s charity shop find
charity shop find vintage cord dress 1970s

Cord pinafore dress £5 Salvation Army

This month's chazza find was a bugger to photograph because it's a dress, and a fairly long one at that. I bought this with the intention to re-sell it in the Etsy shop, as I have noticed a little trend over the last few months involving this thicker jumbo cord fabric. A quick trip along the high street turned out pinny dresses and even dungarees, I suppose it's a little warmer than denim as a fabric and a bit less restricting too.

I initially thought this was some sort of severely cool cord jumpsuit when I saw it in the chazza and despite being slightly disappointed it was a maxi dress, I thought I'd take it anyway. Unfortch, the chazza was quite a dark one and when I got it home, I noticed a dirty black mark on the back of the dress at the bottom (I assume through wear) but I thought a spin through the machine would sort it out. Sadly it didn't, so I thought I'd see if I could DIY it somehow to make it fit into my own wardrobe. Trying it on, it was a really great fit (too big in the bust area, but I can wear a jumper underneath and that should help) and I liked the style but the maxi length was way too 'Little House on the Prairie' for me (although that's a spring trend to look out for!) So, I did a DIY job and hacked off about a foot from the hem. This has left a pretty cool cord midi dress, sans dirty marks on hem (now cut off) with raw edges (literally everywhere at the moment) that I can't wait to wear!

Due to the colour of the dress I think tights will deaden it so I am hoping that I can wear it come the spring with bare legs and a breton top. I love the colour; that beigey-tan is one of my faves and something I wear a lot. I've started to pick up a few bits and pieces for the spring capsule wardrobe and this will sit nicely alongside those pieces.

Have you found anything cool in the chazzas lately?

XO Amie
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