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lanolips peach ointment for lips, dr. paw paw tinted ultimate red balm

Aussie beauty: Lanolips lip balm (here) Dr. Paw Paw lip balm (here)

There are plenty of things I like about Australia, despite never having been there; it's certainly a place I'd love to visit and even my abject terror of flying doesn't serve to completely put me off. Let's see, for starters there are my two favourite Australian people ever, Leroy and Carla, who live there; Neighbours is filmed there (of course, and I have been obsessed with that forever. My Myspace URL was legit 'neighboursfan') The weather is always nice (in winter they have to wear a jumper I believe. A JUMPER!) and there are beautiful beaches and great waves. They also call charity shops 'Op Shops' which sound so much cooler than the chazzers. All in all, it sounds pretty fabulous, and now Australian beauty is on my radar, thanks to my Love Me Beauty box which I blogged about here.

I finally got around to collecting the second box from the post office, and a full review on that is to come, but I just wanted to talk about two products that I am really enjoying using. They are both Australian brands and I'm not sure of their UK availability-I had heard of Dr. Paw Paw by reputation alone and it's status as a cult product meant that when I spotted it on the LMB website I knew I would be adding it to my LMB box for January. I was also intrigued by the Lanolips product which also had a swathe of great reviews.

Dr. Paw Paw is made with naturally fermented paw paw to give the product a slightly red tint. It comes out of the tube looking quite bright but sheers out nicely to give a wash of colour. A multipurpose product, you can use it as a lip or cheek tint, and it containes aloe vera extract to moisturise and soften.

Lanolips is another multipurpose product and this is colourless so can be used for dry chapped lips or skin. I work in an office and the airconditioning plays havoc with my skin, so this is really useful to keep in my bag to soften chapped lips. The smell is amazing; it smells exactly like a peach yogurt and I've seen that they also do a banana scented one which too sounds fabulous!

I love finding out about beauty products from across the seas; have you got any recommendations?

XO Amie
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