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Jakes Shoes infographic

I recently received this infographic from Jakes Shoes and thought it would be nice to post, given that there is always a 'hot shoe' trend of the season. This informative infographic makes for interesting reading; who knew there was a pair of shoes in the world valued at over £3 million!

The Athleisure trend has continued to go from strength to strength and all of a sudden, trainers once reserved solely for working out are now much more of a fashion statement. I have to admit that when I wear trainers, I definitely prefer to wear more of a 'street' style, whether that's Vans, Converse or Superga; I just think these suit me better than Nike running shoes which I can't seem to make look cool on me, no matter how hard I try! It always just looks as if I've got lost on the way to the gym!

I was pleased to see the loafer is another key shoe shape for summer, as this is a style I love. I particularly like vintage ones and I have a couple of pairs; they are so comfortable and instantly add a smart, preppy feel to any look. These are particularly good for the transitional weather as they offer less coverage than a boot but more than a sandal or ballet pump.

Speaking of sandals, these Solillas slip ons from Menorca have been on my radar for a couple of seasons now. Simple and elegant, after a few summers of multi-strapped gladiator sandals, the return to something a little less overt is much needed. I like that these come in plenty of colours, too; I think a red pair would be lovely for the summer months.

I also think a shoe trend that is set to be really huge is the backless shoe. The return of the mule, but not in the way remembered from the 2000's; flat, slip on styles with fringing or loafer styling will take the place of round toed styles decorated with diamante or block heeled, peep toe mules. They are definitely a more subtle affair than shoes of old, and that's definitely something to be thankful for!

Finally, the age old question: Can socks and sandals ever go together? Even though the infographic says no, I believe it can be done as long as you are owning the look-I've got a couple of friends who make this trend look insanely cool rather than bonkers and a bit 'old man!' The key is the socks, I think; box fresh and close fitting, or box fresh and slouchy, as seen on the catwalks; either way, raggedy old bobbly socks won't do. So if this is a trend you want to try, make sure you invest in some decent socks first!

XO Amie
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