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vintage fashion, fashion blogger

So, I've decided to make 'Archive' posts a more frequent thing on the blog, as whilst some might consider it recycling imagery I prefer to see it as a trip down memory lane-a look back at my wardrobe history, if you will. In keeping with the month I tried to find a suitable post from a February years ago but actually found this one from late December 2014 and realised how little my style has changed since then, so I thought it would be interesting to talk about it.

Basically there is a formula for my style, I think. Take one skinny jean and add an ankle boot. Layer with vintage blouses, jumpers or cardigans and wrap with a masculine cut coat. Top with a beret or beanie and garnish with a leather bag-all the perfect elements of my go-to winter looks.

In current format, there is a tan leather satchel in my wardrobe, there is a black skinny jean, there is an ankle boot (these Finery ones are the obsession) and there is a varied selection of vintage jumpers/blouses/cardigans to choose from. On the hat front, I've still got this beret and a mustard coloured beanie which I love. I seem to have lost a bit of love for the classic fedora-I think because my current go-to doesn't fit my pin sized head so I will be looking to maybe repurchase one in the right size as part of the spring wardrobe. And maybe in a colour other than black!

Finally, I read a post the other day about 'capsule jewellery' and I have to say, when I look at the items I'm wearing in this post, and look down at my hands, I see they are the same pieces now as then. This is why I rarely bother to buy costume jewellery-I simply don't wear it. Maybe that's a little boring, or maybe it's just because I know what I like and stick with that!

XO Amie

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