Winter Look #003: The Knitted Jumpsuit

Wearing: ASOS jumpsuit here, Topshop Boutique jumper here, Chanel pin, similar here, Finery boots here

One of the thoughts I'd had for the blog going forward was that I would try and be a little more experimental when it came to locations for blog pictures. It had become so easy to go to the same place all the time and I think sometimes I forget that a monotonous background can get quite boring; it's ok now and then to have the same but I felt that I should be making more of an effort. I know I don't have the camera skills/styling skills/looks that so many of the bigger bloggers have, and so I feel that I won't really ever be able to compete on that level (not that it's a competition, but, well, what I do doesn't marry up to what the girls that can call blogging a full time job can deliver.)

That aside, I am pleased with these pictures and it was nice to be able to shoot inside without the lighting being awful. I am wearing an ASOS jumpsuit picked up in the sale for £12 (!) and I had considered buying this for the capsule when it was full price (£40!) so I am glad I hung out for the sales. It's lovely and it's very warm, although that bit of leg between the end of the hem and the start of my boot is always freezing!

I haven't cut my hair, I've just tucked it in to make a pin bob which I like to do from time to time (although the mega-tangles from doing this make me question whether it's worth it!) I know if I ever actually cut my hair it would look nothing like this, and more like a mushroom, but it's nice to be able to play around with it because it is so long.

 My Chanel pin was a DIY after the bag that this double c was fastened to went mouldy in my old house (thanks a lot damp!) It ended up completely disintegrating practically but I managed to salvage this off the front of it, and 4 years later I've managed to turn it into a brooch, which I seem to be wearing constantly! I love it, I think it's super cool. Definitely my new favourite accessory.

XO Amie
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