Capsule Wardrobe: winners and losers

Weekday tee (similar here) Topshop Boutique cropped wide leg trousers (similar here) snakeskin Vans (here)

I have spoken a little about what I've learnt from the first section of the capsule wardrobe here, and I touched on the fact that there were some things that worked really well, and some things that didn't! Luckily I think the main errors I made were having too many of the same thing, for example, 4 or 5 tee shirts, and about the same in pairs of jeans! Invariably I would end up wearing the same ones (my favourites) on repeat so it made sense that when I switched the wardrobe over to the winter capsule I only kept the things I liked to wear the most.

From the autumn capsule, there were a couple of things that worked really hard and I was quite surprised that I got as much wear from them as I did. The first was this tee from Weekday, a brand that is quite new to me but I really like. I got this from ASOS and it's definitely worth checking the brand out. The quality of this tee is great, I really like the slub in the fabric and it doesn't twist or misshape when washed, which is always important! It's also super affordable too.

Secondly, I also really enjoyed wearing these snakeskin Vans trainers. Smarter than a gym style trainer, and also quite quirky and cool, I wore these with jeans and smart trousers and they were really comfortable and quite unlike any trainers I've had before.

Something I thought I'd wear a lot, and didn't wear once, were these Topshop Boutique silk trousers. I loved the fit and the print of these, but I didn't really think through how seasonal they would be, and it was soon too cold to really enjoy wearing them! I have stored them away for the summer though as I really like them and think I'll get more wear from them in the warmer months!

XO Amie
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