Autumn look #004: double leopard

Wearing: ASOS coat (similar here) Whistles blouse (similar here) Topshop jeans (here) River Island loafers (here) Primark hat (similar here)

I was going to title this post 'not my favourite jeans' and I'll come to that point, but first, the double clash of leopard print needs to be addressed I think. Leopard print to me is another neutral, and this coat has earned it's money in my 40 piece wardrobe. It makes me want to invest in a winter version as it's only a duster and therefore not very warm, perfect for this time of year but I am going to need to switch it out for something more suited to November temperatures before long, I'm sure.

This blouse, likewise, has been a really hard working piece in my capsule wardrobe and it's something I almost didn't buy. It's from Whistles and is silk, which I love, and it's also very similar to a shirt by one of my favourite French brands, Equipment, but at a more affordable price. I wear this to work or on a day off and it is an easy piece for both.

On to the jeans! When putting together my capsule wardrobe I ended up with a few pairs of black jeans, a very skinny, high waisted pair, and these Baxter's from Topshop, which are not super tight on the leg and also they are quite a low rise. I wore these as my high waisted ones were in the wash at the time, but I am just not really liking the fit and I would always choose the higher waisted pair over these. At first I felt that this was a failure of mine in choosing them to be part of the capsule, but then I remembered that 'the rules' for a capsule wardrobe are not meant to be stringently adhered to for everyone and, especially in the first year of building the wardrobes, you can make adjustments as you see fit. The beauty of having items in storage is that you can switch and swap as you need to, and while I'd rather wait until changing over my capsule in December to change things around, I was finding that I really needed a lightweight cardigan or jacket in this capsule which I had not included. So, I have swapped out the jeans for a knitted jacket. The old me would have probably just gone out and bought a new one, and left the jeans lingering in the wardrobe, but I like that having a capsule makes you think about each item and how hard it works for you.

The main rule that I'm following with my capsules is the non-shopping one which I have to admit, I am finding really hard. I have found that I am getting bored with some of my clothing selection, and I know that when I do the major swap over to the winter capsule there will be some things going into storage, and probably one or two things that I will donate to the charity shop or try and find a better version of; on a couple of pairs of my trousers, for example, the style isn't quite right or the length or fit isn't as I'd like it to be. So that's something I can definitely look in to in December.

Overall, though, I am still enjoying the process and the more I refrain from shopping blindly, the more I enjoy clarity in finding what I actually need, as opposed to just want. This doesn't mean I haven't got several online wish lists on the boil though!

XO Amie
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