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Gatineau Paris Strategie Jeunesse firming throat gel buy here

There are two specific areas that I think most women will agree can be age-giveaways, and especially when so much care is taken to defy aging of the face, these areas must also be considered. I'm talking about the hands and the neck, places where wrinkles and aging can really set in and be difficult to disguise.

I've been looking for a throat and neck product for ages, and whilst I would normally take my regular moisturiser over the throat anyway, I had wanted to try a product specific for that area. I recently worked with cosmetics website Bath & Unwind, and they kindly gave me some points to spend on the website, and this is one of the things that I chose to use my points on. 

The Strategie Jeunesse range is formulated to combat the first signs of aging, and as such they aren't as thick and heavy as some anti aging ranges tend to be. This is a light cream gel, fast absorbing, and with a light floral fragrance. It claims to firm and smooth the throat area, whilst it's formula also helps to tackle wrinkles. 

I've only used this a couple of times and I do like to use a product properly before reviewing it, but so far, so good! It does seem to instantly smooth the throat and the skin feels firmer and less slack. Best of all, it's currently half price at the moment; usually £43, it's now £21.50 so really affordable as a high end, French beauty product. And lets face it, French women know how to look after their skin!

XO Amie
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