Instagram Roundup: September 2015
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Another month flies by, and this time it really does feel like it's sped away from me somewhat, given that my birthday was at the beginning of September and now all of a sudden the month is gone, though it feels as if my birthday was only a few days ago!

Just prior to my birthday I went over to Weston to see my mum for her birthday and it was such lovely weather; similar in fact to how it has been at the end of the month, so it was just the middling bit that wasn't so nice. Hopefully October will bring more sunshine! We walked along the promenade and I caught a glimpse of the outside of Banksy's Dismaland; I didn't get the chance to go unfortunately but it was still really cool to have seen it from a distance! If you've not been to Weston before, check out this post here about some things to do and see there.

So with my birthday all done, my time has been spent catching up on the blog and preparing for the upcoming Bristol Fashion Week which begins today! I attended an event at Accessorize as a pre-Fashion Week warm up, and you can read about that here. I don't want the weather to change but at this point I do feel like changing my wardrobe over to new autumn product and making a few new buys; perhaps after Fashion Week I can get round to doing that! 

In my down time I've been re-reading some old faves, plenty of Stephen King and also this battered copy of Captain Corelli's Mandolin which I found when having a sort through a stack of books. It's such a classic and rediscovering it has been a joy. I'm also thoroughly enjoying my yoga; nothing new here as this has been an interest of mine for a few years but making sure I take time to get on the mat daily has become more habitual. I find even spending 15 minutes in the evening helps me to unwind and refocus, not to mention helping to quell any anxiety or stress. A must!

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XO Amie
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