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Monuspa body oil (sold out, buy similar here) Elemis body oil (buy here) Nuxe body oil (buy here)

Back in July I wrote this post about some premium beauty that I really felt was worth all the hype surrounding it, and since I have now used up some of the products I talked about I thought it would be nice to revisit these products and post a little around what I liked so much about them. They are all on my 'repurchase' list, apart from the Monuspa body oil which seems to have sold out everywhere, but I've found an alternative from the range I'd like to try next.

I have always been a big fan of moisturising and try to moisturise daily, but sometimes it can be a pain especially if you are in a rush to get dressed or feel as if you don't have the time. The beauty of body oils is that they can be applied to damp skin, so where you would find yourself working up a lather if you attempted this with lotions or creams, oils actually seem to give better results when used on skin that isn't completely dry.

I began with the Elemis body oil and this was absolutely amazing. It solidifies in the bottle, and you have to sit it in warm water to turn it back into a liquid again. Perhaps not for those in a rush, but this made my skin feel like silk. It tackled the driest knees and elbows with ease and smells gorgeous. The larger size retails at around £35 but it's something I know I will use day in and out. 

The Monuspa range was a much more liquid formula which is a multi use massage and warming body oil. The down side of this product was the packaging; the screw cap exposed the whole bottle (there was no pouring nozzle as the other two had) and care had to be taken not to pour out too much product. The oil was much thinner than the other two products but it smelled glorious again; slightly oriental and spicy with a definite warm tone.

Finally, I also adored the Nuxe body oil which contains glittery particles for added shimmer. These weren't obvious at all, much more subtle though they did get all over my clothes! This added a golden sheen to the skin and made it super soft and moisturised.

I feel that after using body oils for most of the summer, I wouldn't want to go back to a regular lotion again! I love the lightness in texture and the immediate change in my skin softness that I'd never really noticed before when I have simply used lotions or creams. Of all the oils I used, I did prefer the Elemis one; it was so softening and luxurious and the scent was amazing. You can also put it in your bath for a spa-worthy soak!

XO Amie
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