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Premium Bodycare: Monuspa body oil (buy here) Sanctuary Spa luxurious body butter (buy here) Nuxe body oil (buy here) Patisserie de Bain body lotion (buy here) Elemis body oil (buy here)

I am definitely not the sort of shopper who has to spend copious amounts on skincare, but I have tried several of the more 'premium' brands of bodycare over recent months and I thought it would be interesting to do a comparable post, talking about these more expensive brands, and then looking at some more affordable alternatives. 

I am especially keen on body oils in the summer as I find that they are a great way to beat that tight, scaly skin feeling that shaving, tanning and sun exposure can lead to. This MonuSpa body oil is slightly warming, and it makes the skin feel super soft. It's particularly good for dry skin such as elbows and knees, and it absorbs quickly to leave a non-greasy finish.

In the same category, I adore the Elemis Frangipani body oil which smells incredible, heady and tropical. This is a multi use oil so can be used on the hair and face as well as the body (just as well for the price!) The product is soild at room temperature, but warming it in a basin of water transforms it into a silky liquid which is softening and gentle on the skin.

For a touch of sparkle, the Nuxe body oil is just delightful, applying like liquid gold to leave a gentle sheen on the skin which is non-sticky and definitely not glittery. This product sets off a tan beautifully but it does have a very heavy scent, which I think you'll either love or hate, so definitely worth picking one up and having a smell of it before purchasing.

Thick body creams can be wonderfully cooling after a hot day in the sun, and you can even keep them in the fridge to add to the effect! The Sanctuary Spa always has great selections and this body butter is super thick, so a tiny amount goes a long way. It has the classic Sanctuary Spa fragrance which is light and delicious.

Finally, a brand I'd not heard of until my mum bought me this body cream! The Patisserie de Bain is a gorgeous bakery-inspired range from brand Rose &Co. Available at Superdrug, at £10 this product is the cheapest on the list and a great bathroom staple. It's quite sweet and light in texture and easily absorbed, and the packaging is just beautiful too!

XO Amie
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