Charity shop find of the week #22

Hobbs ballet pumps £4.99 St Peter's Hospice

I had a good week for chazza bargains last week, with the cute summery top I found in the local hospice shop now washed and ready to be packed away for next summer (really, weather!) and then these Hobbs ballet pumps, a steal at just £4.99!

In an ideal world I'd be replacing my Chanels with, erm, another pair of Chanels, but budgetry restrictions mean that I've had to source a new pair of black flats from elsewhere. Luckily, I'd heard about the brilliance of Hobbs flats through a French friend of mine (so obviously they are fantastic) and so when I spotted these I snapped them up!

Only lightly worn, for under a fiver this snakeskin effect leather style's low price contradict its quality. Beautifully soft and with a slightly squared off toe, they are a chic and elegant everyday shoe; working well with cigarette trousers and dresses alike. I also liked that the bows on the front were made of leather, too, which means they are less likely to come untied than the cord versions! 

I have a pair of Hobbs brogues and they are the most incredibly soft and comfortable shoes, and these ballerinas will, I'm sure, quickly earn their fashion place in my wardrobe.

Note: Don't worry, I'm keeping the Chanels, and will continue to wear them until my feet fall out of the bottom like Fred Flintstone! I just wanted a smarter pair to wear during the week, and the Chanels will work beautifully with my boyfriend jeans for casual days!

XO Amie
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