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Having not shopped at Primark for some time, I recently zipped in to pick up some sheets as they are still in my experience the cheapest place for bedlinen on the high street. I don't tend to look at the fashion much these days; I am happier buying less and choosing more wisely; gone are the days of my Primark trolley dashes I think, and my wardrobe has nothing to show for those now anyway (long since consigned to the bin/chazza.)

However, I did have a little peruse of the beauty section as I've read several reviews on the range which has been fairly recently released. I'm not really in the market for any new makeup, as I am happy with what I have at the minute, but there were a couple of bits in the brushes and nails section that I wanted to try out.

The first thing that I picked up was this nail polish remover twist pot. At £1 it's a good £3.99 cheaper than the next most inexpensive on the high street and these pots are so useful for travel, weekends away, or just to keep in your bag. Chipped nail polish is a peeve of mine so to have a handy pot that I can dip into to remove a scraggy mani is super useful. This worked really well; I'd say it took minutes rather than seconds, as it claims, to remove the nail polish, but overall it does a good job. The sponge filled pot is soaked with remover so you simply unscrew the cap, stick your finger in and wiggle it about a bit to remove the polish.  Easy!

Over time, I did find that some of the sponge would begin to break up so you'd end up with little pieces of sponge on your nails, but a quick rinse under the tap soon sorts that out. The only other thing I found was that the action of putting your whole finger into the removal pot meant that you would get the product all over your hands and I found it quite drying, I do have quite sensitive skin but this is still something to bear in mind when using. 

Secondly I wanted to try out the makeup brush cleanser which is just £2. I am terrible for not cleaning my makeup brushes often enough, and this is usually because I have nothing to wash them with. I think it's advised to use a gently shampoo, but this spray works really well. I sprayed all of my brushes thoroughly and left them in the sink for about an hour to allow the product to sink in. I don't think this is a requisite, you can simply spray and go, but I left them for a little longer as I haven't cleaned them in a while and so I wanted to make sure they got a deep clean!

When I rinsed the brushes later, a lot of product seemed to come from the immediately and it wasn't long until the water was running clear. Usually I find I have to scrub at them for ages to get rid of all the build up, but in this instance it seemed to clean them pretty thoroughly. The product has a nice fresh scent and it is colourless, and so easy to use; I hope that it will encourage me to clean my brushes more often as I could simply spray it on and rinse after every couple of uses to keep them looking smart.

I was pretty impressed with these Primark beauty offerings, and whilst I can't vouch for the makeup products, I will definitely be repurchasing both of these beauty cupboard essentials. And for the grand total of £3; less than a cup of coffee!

XO Amie
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