Frills and tassles

Wearing: Whistles top ASOS jeans Topshop Unique sandals bag c/o New Look

I've barely managed to get my pins out at all this summer, apart from my holidays I seem to have been stuck at work for most of the really sunny days and jeans have been my staple downtime pick. To make them a little more interesting, I've been making my footwear count with a fancy shoe or two, the latest being this style I've picked up from Topshop Unique. They are a bit weird; but I've learned to love them because they are definitely a statement shoe and are super soft and easy to wear. I've been after a sandal with a wooden heel for a while, but couldn't find any that I liked so I thought I'd go for these when I spotted them.

They weren't cheap but they were less than half price in the sale, so being that August is almost half way through and the opportunity to wear sandals is ever decreasing, they are worth snapping up on the discount if you like them (still available here). I've never bought from Topshop Unique before as it is so very expensive, but I like the quirkiness of the items and the premium materials. There was another pair almost identical which were entirely covered in shearling over the front; I deigned them a bridge too far as, lets be honest, who wears fluffy sandals?!

So, with frilled shoes I decided to amp up the texture and crack out this tassled handbag from New Look which I've already blogged about here. I love this bag despite it being able to hold so little; it made me decant my massive handbag and it was quite liberating going to the shop with just a house key, bank card and phone. I still think this would be best suited to what I imagined its original purpose to be; evening festival use, but from time to time it's useful to have a smaller bag especially if you just need to zip to the shops.

XO Amie
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