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Camping essentials: Urban Outfitters scarf // White Stuff jumper // Sunglasses c/o Sundried  // Converse trainers // Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream // Urban Fruit snacks

I have just got back from spending the weekend in Sussex at a beautiful campsite based in National Trust grounds. I've got a separate post coming up on this trip, which was in celebration of the brand White Stuff's 30th birthday, and it was amazing! I actually went 'glamping' and stayed in a beautiful gypsy wagon, which was a wonderful experience.

I was thinking about putting the posts around this event together and one that I thought would be quite useful involved things to take on a camping trip that I would consider to be pretty essential; mainly of the non-beauty variety as I've already covered those in my 'What's in my Festival handbag' post here. I was thinking more useful items that are always handy to have in your rucksack whatever the weather might be.

The first couple of items might seem quite wintery; a large wrap scarf and a wooly jumper! Now, the temperature on Saturday reached the low 30's and despite the roasting sun, by later evening there was a clear sky and a definite chill in the air. A large scarf can be used for so many purposes; as a wrap or kaftan if you didn't being any hot weather clothing; as a head wrap for bad hair days, to keep your modesty on the way out of the showers, as a rug to sit on or as an extra layer in the evening. You can even use it as a pillow if you fold it up a few times!

A knitted jumper is also an essential. At Secret Garden Party I was absolutely freezing, and ended up wearing a cardigan over my pajamas in the tent! For morning trips to the bathroom or for sitting outside to watch the sun come up, a cosy wooly knit is the perfect piece to chuck on over whatever you are wearing. Layering is definitely the key with camping; simple pieces you can put on or take off as necessary are so useful to have.

I was sent these really cool sunglasses by new brand Sundried. I love the wooden frames; they are handmade in bamboo and look super cool as well as being lightweight. They are great for sunny afternoons or bleary-eyed mornings and are comfortable and easy to wear, and the wooden frames makes them that little bit more durable than plastic ones!

I usually take flip flops when camping as they are easy to slip on and off when going to and from your tent (or wagon!) but Converse are also a must have. They are canvas, so dry out quickly if they get wet, and offer a bit more protection to your feet in rainy weather. They are also great for sunnier climes too as they are lightweight and cool. They also look great with pretty much everything! As you can see from the picture mine have had a workout over the festivals I've been to this summer, but you can chuck them in the washing machine if they get grubby and they come out as good as new.

Something I always like to have in my pocket is a tube of 8 hour cream. This multitasker from Elizabeth Arden isn't a cult product without good reason, and it works as a lipbalm, moisturiser, hand cream, even aftersun. A tiny amount goes a long way and a small tube like this is easily stashed in a pocket or bag.

Finally, it's always good to have some tasty treats to enjoy and these Urban Fruit snacks are a new favourite. Fruit is gently baked to make it easier to snack on the go, and there is a huge variety to enjoy, from these strawberry pieces to mango, pineapple and banana bites. They taste like sweets but are much better for you, and only the ripest and freshest in-season fruit is used. Delicious!

Do you like to go camping? What would you take on your trip?

XO Amie
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