Review: Urban Outfitters Smartphone Photo Series Lens

Macro phone lens c/o Urban Outfitters

I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of a technophobe; I've only started using Apple computers in the last couple of years (and begrudgingly at first, admittedly!) and my photography skills  were limited to the 'point and shoot' variety until I started to get more seriously into blogging, but even then I've been mostly self-taught. I have also never owned an iPhone until my last upgrade, I didn't think I would like it or get on with it as well as I have done, and now I am probably a convert!

There's a lot you can do with an iPhone. I have got several cool apps, and more than several cool phone cases (this was the best part of having an iPhone for me; suddenly there were all of the cases to choose from) and you can get some pretty nifty accessories, too. Case in point: attachable lenses for your iPhone camera!

I was sent this lens by Urban Outfitters who have a selection on their website including the fisheye lens here and telephoto lens here. I chose the Macro option (here) which is a mini wide-angle lens, great for more scenic shots. I am actually planning a post using some photographs taken with the lens to showcase it in more detail but for now, you can head over to my Instagram account to have a look at a few snaps I've taken to try it out.

I think the great thing about phone accessories such as this is that you can really transform your pictures without investing in expensive equipment. Phone cameras these days are so advanced and you can get some fantastic images with very little outlay. The lenses are super easy to attach, too; you simply stick a thin magnetic hoop around the camera on the back of your phone, and then you can attach or detach the lens as necessary using the magnet on the back of it, which makes it really handy for using on the go, without having to carry around a load of equipment!

I really enjoyed snapping away with this camera lens and I'll be uploading more pictures that I've taken using it soon.

XO Amie
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