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I haven't looked back into the archives for some time so I thought it would be fun to talk about another bygone look! I remember distinctly taking posession of these brogues, I found them in Primark not long after Adrian and I had moved to Bristol, and I had wanted them after seeing a co-worker wearing them but by the time I got around to going to get a pair, they had sold out. As I was leaving the Primark shoes department, I spotted a heap of shoes on the floor and poking out of it was a single pair of the brogues I was after, in my size! I was thrilled and snapped them up immediately!

I wore them until they wore out, and sadly because they were Primark, that didn't take long! I think the same can be said for the hat I'm wearing, because I have no idea where that is now! I probably left it somewhere or lost it, which is a shame because I'd still wear it now!

One thing I do still wear it this silk blouse from Quiksilver Women. I think I got this from eBay, and I love the style of it. It's made from silk, and with a bit of care and handwashing, it's still going strong! I still have my affinity for peg trousers, too, and I think these ones were from Topshop although I remember that stupid floppy tie belt being really annoying, so I don't think I wore them that much!

Like I mentioned in my last Archive post, I find it hard to comprehend my hair being as short as it was back in 2011, especially as in blog posts of the time I comment on how long it is! I definitely prefer it longer, as it is now, but I do remember it taking a lot less time to wash and dry back then!

XO Amie
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