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Contents of my travel makeup bag (sans actual makeup but click here to see my everyday makeup bag contents!)

Recently I went off to Spain for Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona. I've definitely mentioned this a few times already and whilst I will try not to annoy everyone with how much fun I had, there are a few dedicated posts to come on the topic so hopefully they won't be too boring!

We went for 7 days and Adrian and I took the train there and back which was an experience! It was quite nice in some ways not to have to fly and one of the freedoms this allowed was no restrictions on carry on luggage and/or liquids so I didn't have to worry about making sure I had lots of clear bottles and packets with my beauty products in them, or that everything came in at under 100ml!

In terms of makeup I took my basic kit because when I'm at the beach or festival and it's hot, I can't be bothered with a faceful of slap. I had my sunglasses on for most of the time anyway so there was no need to pile on false lashes (not that I do anyway!) or slather on the fake tan!

Where I did find I had room to maneuver was in terms of skincare and it's this that I'll be focusing on today. I did find that 14 hours of travelling really drained my skin, the longest leg of the journey was Paris to Barcelona coming in at 6 hours on a train. I tried to stay hydrated but it was difficult, and by the time we arrived in Spain my skin was looking ropey. It was even worse on the return leg when there were some delays and it was very stressful, it did my skin no good at all.

To combat this, I made sure to pack a lot of high quality moisturisers and something I've really found useful was my saving of sample products through the year; I was able to throw loads of different sachets, packets and bottles into my bag and I used most of what I took; the serums, masks and moisturisers especially were lifesavers and I took a few sachets of rich night cream which helped my skin repair after several days of no sleep at the festival!

Sunscreen is a must have if you are going to travel to hotter climes and sachets are so useful for throwing in your beach bag; likewise a recovery shot of hair conditioning mask made for a much needed treat on my sun bleached locks. I didn't want to take a huge bottle of perfume either so again, a sample size was just the right amount to last the week. Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body lotion and hand cream were all must-pack essentials, and I was also ever so grateful for this Garnier anti-dark circle eye roll on, which can be applied over foundation and blended in. I also took a small tube of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which is a multitasking holy grail and worked as everything from a lipbalm to a cuticle cream.

This probably won't be so helpful for anyone travelling by air, but if you have a hold bag I would definitely recommend packing your samples and sachets in that as opposed to taking them in any hand luggage. The other great thing about taking smaller sized products is that you can more often than not use them up before you come home, meaning less to pack on the return journey!

XO Amie
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