Charity shop find of the week #17

Urban Outfitters shirt £3.99 Oxfam

Apparently a lot of women (and men) are 'repeat offenders' when it comes to buying clothes. meaning, they buy, on repeat, variations of things they already have. I hear this. Half a decade ago it would have been peg trousers. My wardrobe would not close for pairs of peg trousers, and whilst I have definitely abated that obsession, I am still totally partial to a peg trew and will always look for a trouser first in sales and chazzas, etc. 

Fast forward a few years and it would seem my latest 'must have' item is the shirt. I have armfuls of the things; silk ones are favoured and I have a substantial collection but I'm not adverse to cotton or (potentially) polyester or viscose ones as long as the fabric passes the touch test. If it feels slightly static or clingy, back it goes.

Embarrassingly I continue to repeat offend because I snapped up this leopard print shirt in my local Oxfam, only to look back through my chazza posts on here to see I've recently bought a leopard print shirt. Typical. No matter, I love shirts (clearly) and leopard print is my favourite print (or colour) so I will definitely get wear from this one. Which is different, naturally, by way of its slightly cropped, boxy shape, darker print, and the fact that it isn't made from silk. It's practically a different garment!

I was in my local Oxfam recently and noticed that they had a promotion whereby all of the clothing was 50% off. I picked up this shirt and a silk and cotton blend shirt (ha! more shirts!) and a fancy hanging hook to hang my coats on and still got change from a tenner. This is what I love about charity shopping; you never know what you might find or what epic promotion might be on at the time! Unlike the high street, where everyone can kind of work out when the sales will begin, Chazzas are a different thing entirely. Which makes it all the nicer when you do find one with discounts a plenty!

XO Amie
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