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Simple soothing eye balm // Time Delay deep cleansing facial exfoliator

Following on from my last empties post here it became apparent that I had to replace a couple of components of my skincare regimen as I had nothing else to use in their place (unlike makeup, of which I have far more than I'll ever use!) and I had fixated on two products that I really can't do without; an eye cream and a cleanser. 

I've been using a very good eye cream from Botanics and I've also been using their refreshing eye roll on which I talked about here. I was going to repurchase the Botanics cream but it wasn't on offer so I chose this Simple one which was just £3.99. I've been using it daily and it does seem to be helping to de-puff and anti-dark-circle my tired eyes, as well as hydrating the skin around my eyes and making it feel smoothed.

I had also considered rebuying the Botanics hot cloth cleanser I'd enjoyed using so much, but again the Time Delay range had a better offer on and so I have picked up this deep cleansing facial exfoliator. I like the idea of a daily exfoliator and this one isn't too harsh; I've got quite sensitive skin and on occasion the particles in exfoliants can be too scratchy but this isn't one of them. I haven't used it daily but perhaps every other day, though I'll try and work it up to daily use if I don't find it too stripping of the skin.

So far I'm really pleased with these purchases and even at 31 I don't feel the need to spend a small fortune on skincare; I think they best course of action is to find what works for you and not get too involved in the latest new shiny releases, which is undeniably hard to do but if my skin is really ever playing up, I always revert back to a tonic my mum swears by, a mixture of rosewater and witch hazel to soothe and tone. Sometimes the classics are always the best, and they don't even cost more than a fiver!

XO Amie
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