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Wearing: ASOS duster coat and hat (same as last post-sorry!) Topshop jeans Vintage shoes H&M blouse and bag bracelet c/o Modern Vintage Style

Apologies, this duster and straw hat combo is becoming very repetitive. I am all over it at the moment and can't think of anything else I'd rather wear, although now the weather has changed again I feel like I might have to reach back for the beret. I really do have more than two hats but you'd honestly not know it to read my blog, at least the last few hundred outfit posts at least!

I have got a few new things on in this look, including a new pair of black skinnies. I feel like the whole black skinny jean thing has gone the way of a bus; i.e, couldn't find any for ages, then found several pairs at once. I am still loving the ASOS Lisbon jeans but I thought I'd try out these Topshop Binx jeans that I found in the sale. I thought they would be a bit long as they are a 32 leg and I am always a 30 in Toppers, but they fit really nicely; apparently they are meant to be short in the leg and fit like an ankle grazer which is perfect as I'm not super keen on rolling jeans up. They also aren't that thin denim, or too high waisted, and the colour is great, so a definite win. Plus they were only 25 quid!

Whilst browsing the high street for bargains I ventured into H&M, somewhere I rarely shop as the prices are low and the quality seems to match. I had a 20% off voucher from Elle magazine to spend (so I had to find something to buy, natch!) and I thought I would just have a browse of some of the collection. I didn't find too much I liked but after initially writing everything off as being a bit naff, I continued to dig and eventually unearthed this rather amazing ecru blouse. It's made of lyocell which is quite a premium material with an amazing drape and an almost denim-like handle. It reminded me almost of an artists' shirt and as I love a good collar, it was a no-brainer! At £24.99 it was probably the most expensive thing in the shop but I loved it and I also picked up the patent backpack which was in the sale for £7.

I was also kindly sent this beautiful Sarah Coventry bracelet to feature on the blog, from website Modern Vintage Style who specialise in vintage jewels and handmade gemstone jewellery. I posted it on my Instagram and I couldn't wait to style it! I love the slightly 90's feel it has and the splash of colour it adds to my look, I tend to wear a lot of neutral tones so it's nice to be able to add a bit of interest in this way. I think it works well against the creams and taupes in my look, and it's a real statement piece, too. Check out the website here for a huge choice of jewels, both vintage and vintage-inspired, at really great prices.

XO Amie
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